Vision & Mission

LEES vision: To become the best generator set manufacturer in China

LEES mission: To provide the most professional, safe and reliable electric products

LEES values: Diligent and Hardwork, Positive and Optimistic, Honestand Loyal, United and Cooperative, Customer First

Diligent and Hardwork

We believe that all successful,
Need to pay double;
Tolerance for solitude and hardships is,
Necessary to get more opportunities;
Never give up when meet difficulties, 
Hold out until the moment of victory.

Positive and Optimistic

Always with positive attitude,To face work
Always with positive energy, To affect and encourage colleagues  
Always keep a learning heart,To improve own ability

Honest and Loyal

No matter when and where,
Make a commitment,
Try our best to achieve it;
Don't cheat and to be honest; 
Responsible for work and job;
Brave to take responsibility and dare to bear it

United and Cooperative

Believe team power
Give full play to strong points 
Complement team advantages 
Cooperate and help colleague
Work hard to achieve team goal 
Provide reasonable suggestion
To promote company's development

Customer First 

Think what is in customers mind with sincere service
To improve customer’s satisfaction 
Impress customers with best enthusiasm and biggest smile.  
Don't pass the buck, even its not our problem. Offer help for customers positively.

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