LEES develops and supplies weatherproof and soundproof enclosures for outdoor all weather-use in the hardest environments with perfect performance to meet the most stringent specification.

LEES silent type generators take advantages of weatherproof canopy, which is fashionable and beautiful with bright color. Unique design of muffler, inlet and outlet air and mute cotton low the noise of generators obviously, which could reach 60dbA/7m without loading and 62-65dbA/7m with full loading.


LEES silent type gensets could be divided into two kinds: portable type and super silent type, as follows: 


* Portable type is suitable for Kubota and Lees series generators. The power range is 8-40kVA. This type is with fashionable design, tight structure and easy to move, which is widely used in home use.

* Super silent type is suitable for Cummins, Perkins, Doosan, MTU and Mitsubishi series generators. The power range is 8-4000kVA. Unique “panzer base frame” design is higher and stronger, which is fit for industrial and commercial use. Besides, LEES make use of variety design to reduce the noise, which has obvious effect. 

Portable type genset

1. Typical color match “yellow with black”, which is bright and attractive

2. Beautiful and fashionable canopy with tight structure. Loading quantity: 14sets/20’GP and 28 sets/40’HQ

3. The design for the market is best-selling model with classic shape, which has high market acceptance.

4. The rainproof canopy is used 2 mm thickness cold rolled steel, strong and durable, which sound insulation effect is good. 

The surface of the canopy is used powder painting, which production workmanship is rigorous.

5. Adopt two-step silencing technology with high density sound-absorbing cotton to reduce running noise.

6. Humanized design fully consider the customer experience and improve its service satisfaction.


Super silent type genset

1. Typical color match “yellow with black”, which is bright and attractive

2. Cover of canopy use the design of a slight angle, which is unique and modern.

3. Higher “panzer base frame” design is strong and durable, which has high industrial traits.

4. Intelligent control panel is located in the same side of maintenance door, which is more convenient for customer to check and maintain.

5. The rainproof canopy is used 2 mm thickness cold rolled steel, strong and durable, which sound insulation effect is good. 

The surface of the canopy is used powder painting, which production workmanship is rigorous.

6.  Adopt two-step silencing technology with high density sound-absorbing cotton to reduce running noise.

7.  Humanized design fully consider the customer experience and improve its service satisfaction.